Monday, 30 July 2007

Can we have more of your money please?


Here's some interesting gubbins for all you Greenwich folk (unrelated to Cropredy). Read here and here for information on the congestion charge to be introduced in Greenwich and then sign here and here to petition against it.

The Greenwich Congestion Charge is a disgrace and, I believe, a useless disgrace. I think we should also set up a petition to get more than one person working on the road works on Trafalgar Road. Anyone with me?

By the way, you will have to confirm your email address when you sign the Downing Street petition in order for your signature to be added.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Ready, Steady, Cropredy!

1. 'Tuesday Night Is Always Karaoke'
Anthony John Clarke
A Sideways Glance (2002)

2. 'The White Hare' (Digital-Only Remix)
Seth Lakeman
The White Hare (2006)

3. 'Morgan The Pirate'
Iain Matthews
If You Saw Thro' My Eyes (1971)

4. 'Country Life'
Show Of Hands
Country Life (2003)

5. 'One Miner's Life'
Bob Fox
The Blast (2006)

6. 'The King Will Come'
Wishbone Ash
Keeper Of The Light Live (2006)

7. 'Matty Groves'
Fairport Convention
Live Convention (1974)

8. 'Hero & Heroine'
The Strawbs
Hero & Heroine (1974)

9. 'Meet On The Ledge'
Fairport Convention
What We Did On Our Holidays (1969)

Bonus Tracks:

10. 'Da Doo Ron Ron'
Iain Matthews
Tigers Will Survive (1971)

11. 'Reynardine'
Show Of Hands
Country Life (2003)

12. 'The Hangman And The Papist'
The Strawbs
From The Witchwood (1971)

13. 'Dear Janet Jackson...'
Richard Thompson
Unreleased (2004)